M 20 metal air soft BB pellet gun Model:- OPS-M.R.P. CAL .45)

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OPS-M.R.P. CAL .45 ( M20 )
NM-2010-03A/506350 OPS-8740012

Specifications :-

Weight : 340 grams (gun-290 grams / magzine 50 grams)
Magzine capacity : 11 x BB Bullets (6mm)
Length : 16 cms
Heigth : 11 cms
Width : 3.2 cms
Max Velocity : 100 fps
Shoots upto 20-25 meters
Barrel : Rifled
Action : Cocking to Load
colour : Matt Black
Handle : Textured for Good Grip (front,back and side ways both)
Front Sight : Blade
Back Sight : Fixed
Action : Spring Action
Shooting Type : Single Shot
Material : Aluminimum Alloy and Fibre
Caliber : 6 mm
BB type : Stainless steel,Copper,Brass,Fibre BB Bullets

Package Contains :-
1 x Pistol
1 x magzine
1 x pack of 50-100 Plastic BB bullets

Warnings :-
Our company will not be responsible for trouble caused by mis-using or re-modeling this air gun.

1.Do not shoot at any animal or human being.
2.Best for ages 18 and up only.
3.Since plastic BB bullets may reach upto 30-40 meters,careless shooting may cause eye damage or other injuries.
4.Always read through this WARNINGS and INSTRUCTIONAL MANUAL carefully before operation.
5.Operate this AIR GUN with full recognition of warnings and cautions.
6.Must be 18 years or age or older to operate.
7.Minors require parents to supervise operations and shooting.
8.Do not Point the MUZZLE at any animal or human being or any object or own body while the gun is loaded.
9.Always wear EYE protection and BODY protection to prevent injury.
10.Do not fire at hard surfaces to pervent Ricochet.


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