Kounter Pepper / Chilli Spray Legal self-defence tool in India 60 ml

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Kounter the latest Technology use in self defense. Aluminium Container with compressed gas. Effective Range is approx. 7-10 feet from sprayer body, Non – Lethal and Non – inflammable. Instantly irritates in the eyes, start snoozing, coughing, difficulty in breathing to the attacker. Effects remain 30- 45 minutes without any permanent harm /side effects. Shelf life / expiry of the product is 3 years from the date of manufacture. Pepper Spray is legal & does not required any license.

The spray contains a mixture of liquids to render a person unable to attack. It is under pressure in the aerosol can. When sprayed, the mixture comes out with pressure and the range is about 7-10 feet. It instantly but temporarily swells mucus membrane and irritates eyes of the attacker, incapacitating him, giving you enough time to run away or call for help. The effect remains for minimum 30-45 minutes. It is effective on drunk or mentally retarded person. It can also be used on any attacking animals like mad dogs etc. Spray on attacker`s face below the eyes.


How To Use :

Hold the Kounter pepper spray at a arm distance towards your attacker’s face and spray.


Protect Your Self From : 






Effect on Attacker

Instantly Irritates Eyes of the attacker

Difficulty in Breathing

Temporary Blindness

Irritation for 30-45 Minutes

No Permanent Damage or Side Effects


Usefull Self-Defence Tool For


Working Women

College Girls

House Wives



Physically Disabled Person

Security Agencies

Cab Drivers

Zoo Keepers


Caution :

Inform or take permission before entering Hospitals, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Defence Area, Restricted Areas ETC.


Disclaimer :

Manufacturer and seller of KOUNTER pepper / chilli spray are under no liability for any loss or damage to life or property of any nature.Complete responsibility lies with the user.



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